Disbelief & disgust over what a Poole Ward Cllr was heard saying in a meeting yesterday

Cllr Bobby Dove (Courtesy of Twitter)

BCP Councillor Bobby Dove in a tweet yesterday, reported that during a ‘meeting’ the leader of the Poole People Party Cllr Mark Howell  said “Every time I hear a helicopter in Poole town, I assume it’s the police chasing an illegal immigrant running from the port”

Cllr Dove said “Sad to hear of the racism & xenophobia poisoning this Poole People Party Cllr”

As yet Cllr Dove has NOT provided evidence of her allegations

BCP News 24 will be asking her for further comments and evidence if there is any, furthermore we will be asking if she would make a statement describing the context of the meeting conversation in which the allegation was alleged to have taken place





Cllr Mark Howell (Courtesy of BCP Council Website)

Furthermore we will be asking Cllr Howell for any comments or statement that he would like to make in answer to these allegations

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  1. Tony

    As much as he does make my blood boil I could not believe he said or meant what is reported


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